Back to basics

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Minimalist design to the maximum in the millelumen classic lighting series paved the way for the millelumen brand. Compositions of pure form and indirect light define the brand's claim of creating light as a work of art. Reductionism ensures clarity and space for identity, individuality and emotionality. Advanced energy-saving LED technology sets light moods ranging from the open stage to the quiet refuge: An authentic essence results from clean lines, high-quality materials, beautiful surface finishes and clean detailed solutions - all works of high-quality German manufacturing. 

  • Designpreis 2010
  • Focus Open 2009
  • Red Dot Award 2009
millelumen classic

The bodies of the millelumen classic lighting objects consist of interconnected handbrushed aluminium moldings measuring 22x44 mm. Light is emitted from notches that are approx. 90 mm in length and positioned in the 22 mm coign of the moulds with special RGB-LEDs. These RGB-LEDs make it possible to display virtually the entire colour spectrum, ranging from saturated to soft colours and from pastel to bright shades of white. Specially developed lenses optimise directed lighting and protect from dust.

Plain white BASIC WHITE LEDs are also available in the millelumen classic models.

classic Wala
classic Wala
classic Tila

The RGB-types of millelumen classic lighting objects are equipped with a pushbutton for choosing and dimming brightness within a range of predefined colour settings.

classic Push-Button