millelumen individual

Modern technology & proven materials

All the great things are simple.Winston Churchill

millelumen individual was created by Dieter K. Weis as a quest for individuality, combined with simple shapes, innovative lighting technology and high levels of functionality. The concept is as easy to understand as it is convincing: Millelumen individual is all about surface, and combines precious materials with pioneering technology. Individual panels are made from real wood or high quality leather, from white glass or black glass, or from brushed aluminium - each one crafted by hand, to create designs that appeal to free spirits, that clothe state-of-the-art technology in an attractive design. The utmost functionality and maximum comfort are ensured by the light being generated by energy efficient LED technology and controlled by innovative sensors. 

  • Design Award 2012
  • Good Design Awards 2010
millelumen individual Leder / leather

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